What's the Big Idea? 

Good Four is a national movement for good.

For the second annual year, participating brands and organizations across the country are encouraged to give their employees four hours of paid on-the-clock time to volunteer and give back to their communities.

Participants are encouraged to move beyond social "click" activism and get their hands dirty by giving back.

Together we can inspire a culture of service that moves beyond a single day and creates real, sustainable change in ourselves and in our communities.

Why Four Hours?

Because four feels good, and we hope the good is addictive. Good can start small, but the fun part is watching the ripple grow big. Just a few hours can have a huge impact.

What's the Bottom Line? 

We want brands and organizations to see that making time for good doesn’t have to be costly or complicated to have a powerfully positive impact on their companies and communities.

In doing so, our goal is to continue growing a movement of brands and organizations that offer their employees paid volunteer hours each month and put their people and their profit on equal footing. 

Want to implement a monthly Good Four policy for your company?


What are you asking me to do? 

Are you a Person? 

Sign up to do four hours for good on 4/4.

Spend four minutes researching the organization or cause you want to do good for.

Expand your impact by encouraging friends and family to do some good with you!

Show up on 4/4 and use the hashtag #GoodFour to show the world what good looks like.

Are you a Company? 

Give your employees four hours of paid volunteer time for good on 4/4 and let us know by Signing up.

Guide your do-gooders to local organizations or causes in need of their skills, expertise, time or talent.

Encourage other companies to join you in doing good by participating in Good Four.

Share your employee stories on 4/4 by using the hashtag #GoodFour.

Let's start writing a future where companies and individuals work together to be a force for good. Four hours is all it takes to bring that to life on 4/4. Are you in?