Good Four is a national movement mobilizing brands and creatives for the greater good. It’s one day a year when companies across the country set aside four hours for their employees and teams to donate time, talent and passion to a cause or nonprofit of their choice. We believe our industry can play a major role in becoming a massive force for good. We’ve already got the talent and heart, we just need  to make the time.



Research shows that employees who volunteer through the workplace are less stressed, have stronger bonds with their colleagues, and are 2x more likely to be happy with the progression of their careers. Volunteerism in the workplace is good for employees, good for communities, and good for business.






1. Opt-in to Good Four by signing up here. (We'll send you occasional updates leading up to the day of the event.)
2. Set aside four hours on 4/4 for your team to volunteer their time or talent to a nonprofit or cause of your choosing. 
3. Block that time on the calendar + let everyone know what’s happening. 
4. Decide whether you will volunteer as individuals for organizations focused on personal passions or collectively as a team. 
5. Reach out to those organization(s) to get things in place for 4/4. 
6. On 4/4, be sure to use the hashtag #GoodFour to share your Good Four story on Instagram.


Who's in charge of this shindig? 

That'd be us. (Hey!) We're Brains on Fire, a word of mouth marketing agency with offices in Greenville, SC and Los Angeles, CA. 

In 2016, we embarked on a journey to become a B Corp. Along the way, we have invested time and energy into reworking our internal culture and programs to align with B Corp values. Part of that process involved the creation of “Good Time,” the seed of Good Four.

Each month, our employees receive four (paid!) hours of time to volunteer on the clock. To date, they’ve done everything from tutoring children to creating a social media strategy for a local event to volunteering with a domestic violence shelter to building a house through Habitat for Humanity. The implementation of our internal “Good Time” program has boosted camaraderie, while also supporting a stronger internal culture.

We only work with clients who are doing well by doing good, because we fully believe in the inevitable success of brands with a higher purpose that gets them out of bed each day. Launching the Good Four movement is just another way we’re walking the walk, not just talking the talk -- and we hope our cousin creatives across the country will join us in doing more good sh*t. 



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